The TTP-EVA cutting machine is designed to allow the operator to cut EVA-material and module backsheet material to the preset length. The unwinding roll-stand can be equipped with multiple rolls, one of them with rewinding feature of the interlayer protection. The cross cutting blades are pneumatically operated and working with "scissors action". The die-cutting of the ribbon-opening helps the assembling of the PV-module.

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  • Equipped with pneumatic brake
  • Compact and user friendly
  • Cantilevered roll-shaft with cones
  • No-jam NIP-rollers
  • Cross-cutting blades with scissors action.
  • Pre-selection of the cross cutting length.
  • Pieces- counter
  • Stacking on pivoting bar


  • Multiple roll unwinding stand
  • Air expanding shaft
  • Rewinding of the interlayer protection
  • Die-cutting unit for the ribbon-opening
  • Roll-up device


Max working width of the EVA-web

1200 mm

Max diameter of the EVA-roll

400 mm

Max weight of the EVA-roll

50 kg

Max. stacking length of the sheets

2200 mm